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10 Must See Movies With Hidden Messages & Truth


A sniper gets betrayed by his own military who abandon him when he needs them most. Then, to make matters worse, years later certain elements within the government guilt him into helping them and then they try to frame him for the assassination of a politician.

Shooter is a great film that explores how war is about business, politics conspiracy and things are not always as they seem.

The Godfather part 3

The Godfather, part 3 to be specific, is in many ways based on a true story about the Vatican during the time of the assassination of “God’s banker” and the assassination of Pope John Paul the first who opposed the rampant corruption within the Vatican.

It goes on further to address the corruption within the Papacy itself and also the secret Masonic society, P2, which worked for them and some believe still does.

The Hunger Games

A movie that can be taken both literally (as a future world) and allegorically, the Hunger Games addresses the issue of exploitation by the elite over the rest of the population and how the only way to triumph and overcome them, is through unity and solidarity.


A sci fi movie that can also be taken both literally or allegorically. Oblivion features a soldier who believes he is on a mission to do good, only to find out things are far more complex than he would imagine.

It also addresses the much deeper mystery of what is going on in the world and who might really be in control.

V for Vendetta

A movie that has certainly inspired revolution around the world with the symbol of the Guy Fawkes mask, V for Vendetta explores the infamous “false flag” methodology of the governments in a way that one cannot help but believe is in reference to 9/11. It also explores the sensitive topic of using violence and vengeance to fight corruption.


A movie in which the elite have fled Earth and left the rest of us behind in the aftermath of what was ultimately their led destruction.

With all the talk about colonizing Mars and other planets, Elysium certainly looks like a potential future reality. This too, can be taken literally or as an allegory.

The Matrix Trilogy

Possibly the best movie trilogy on this list. The Matrix is one of the most complex and detailed films of all time in relation to philosophy and deeper meaning. It explores the concept of the world being an illusion. A fake reality that is generated by manipulating our brains and the way we think.

Like the other films mentioned, this too can be viewed literally or metaphorically. Make sure to watch all of them and not just the first one.

They Live

John Carpenter’s They Live is the oldest film on here but don’t let that put you off. Not only is the film setting one shockingly relatable by todays standards, but it also explores the potential that the human species are ruled over by an alien race who walk among us.

The Bourne Trilogy

The Bourne films feature the inner working of organizations like the CIA and NSA. They touch on the corrupt and highly secretive MKULTRA program, which was a real program where the CIA was developing mind controlled assassins.

Be sure to check out the Bourne Legacy which didn’t actually star Matt Damon. That one goes into more detail than the others.

The International

The International explores the hidden world beneath the surface of international banking. From planned political assassinations to financing and facilitating revolutions, the International goes into more detail about the corruption and methodology of central banks than any movie out there.

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