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9/11: More Lies & Disturbing “Coincidences”…

I would like to see someone “debunk” this…

One of the wildest and most ridiculous conspiracies to ever be accepted by the public is that men hiding in caves were able to penetrate the most heavily guarded airspace in history. That they were able to bypass the strongest military and strongest spying apparatus known to man in history, and that they were able to hijack massive airplanes (which none of them could reportedly fly correctly) with box cutters. It is mind blowing that people can be so painfully gullible and naive. And these people deserve to be called conspiracy theorists because blindly believing this highly improbable story, simply because the government says it is true, is idiotic.

More than 2,500 professional architects and engineers state the official story is a lie, yet people still think that questioning the events of 9/11 is foolish or the stuff of “conspiracy theory”. Below you can watch a video which will raise some points you most likely never even heard of, such as the military running exercises of planes being flown into buildings (despite the government lying that they never did) and the stand down order issued by Vice President Dick Cheney (former CEO of Halliburton which made billions and billions of dollars from the Iraq/Afghanistan wars).

There is no logical excuse for the stand down order. It is inexcusable and has never been answered in a satisfactory manner. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many inconsistencies and outright lies that it could never be summed up in such a short video. Books and books, and documentaries and documentaries have been put together to explain all of this. As someone who has researched this for years, there is no source more complete and well put together, as the award winning 3 part documentary series “September 11: The New Pearl Habor” by Massimo Mazzucco

People are beginning to wake up to what really happened that day though, and this is thanks primarily to the spread of information and awareness through the internet. So please, if you find this information relevant go ahead and share it, because one person waking up has the potential to wake up thousands of others and the domino effect follows.

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