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ADHD Does Not Exist: Why French Children Don’t Have ADHD

A recent article from the prestigious publication, Psychology Today, reported the incredible difference between France and America regarding how they approach so called “ADHD”

At least 9 percent of all children within the United States are diagnosed with ADHD and are subsequently treated with different kinds of pharmaceutical drugs.

The percentage of children with AHDH in France, however, is significantly less and is measured at less than .5 percent. The obvious question is, what’s the difference? What are they doing better than the United States?

First off, the medical system within the United States is a lot more business minded, which is to say they are much quicker to write prescriptions for big pharmaceutical companies for which they sometimes get a kick back for. Child psychiatrists also consider ADHD as a very real biological disorder rather than the result of another root cause, like harmful ingredients in our food, a lack of mental stimulation at school which itself is painfully boring when compared to the high tech fast paced world we live in today.

They believe that the neurons firing in your brain are exclusively under your control and not influenced by the surrounding environment which is ridiculous. This is idiotic obviously.

So why don’t our doctors understand this?

French child psychiatrists, on the contrary, see ADHD as being linked to the environment. Instead of drugging children which doesn’t serve to actually remedy anything just suppress symptoms, they focus on the actual behavioral problems and look for the deeper root cause that is causing the child distress. In other words, they treat the children with counseling and has proven far more effective than the American way.

In France, fewer children qualify for the ADHD diagnosis. In the States, ADHD is a lot more broad and views normal childhood behavior as something that needs to be contained and medicated.
France is aware enough to even approach this holistically through nutritional and lifestyle changes. Ingredients like aspartame, artificial coloring or flavor, preservatives and GMO’s can contribute to this ‘disorder’.

Reports have also claimed that the founder of “ADHD” said that it was a fictitious disorder and doesn’t really exist. Former neurologist Richard Saul has also come out explaining he believes it is a “Fake disease”.

Numbing children’s developing brains down with harsh medications like Ritalin or Adderall, in an effort to calm them down or neutralize them, in an environment which is clearly one that any normal child would feel discomfort and hyper in, is not the answer.

It is very normal for a child to feel excited and pulsate with life. It is normal for them to run around and get their energy out and act a little bit wild and crazy. That’s what it means to be a child. So please, think twice before drugging your kid and dumbing down their creative and energetic potential.

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