Amazing Results!! Meet the World's Youngest Cannabis Oil Recipient

This is incredible.

This little precious human is 2 month old Amylea Nunez. Amylea suffers from a very rare form of epilepsy and, in an effort to prevent these attacks from tormenting poor Amylea, doctor’s have prescribed countless medications for her seizures. Sadly, nothing as  worked. Her parents though, refused to give up and knew in their heart there must be a solution. They were right...

Despite their best efforts in New Mexico, the Nunez family were unable to find a doctor that would allow them to try cannabis oil, which they believed could be the answer to their little girls nightmare disease. They were actually able to purchase Charlotte’s Web cannabis oil in their state, but the family could run the risk of potentially losing their baby to child "protective" services if they went forward with treatment and that simply was not an option.

They refused to allow this to stop them though and eventually found a safe haven in Colorado, provided they were the ones to administer the oil to their baby.

The Seizures Began to Disappear!


After just 2 weeks of using Charlotte’s Web, Amylea’s seizures have almost completely disappeared. Not only are they less frequent but, thankfully, they are also less severe. According to the Amylea's mother;
“She is a lot more alert today, she is looking around today and following our faces when we talk to her... Whereas before when we talked to her she did not react at all.”
The Nunez family became aware of the situation relatively fast, their baby was one of the many children that hemp oil can save. Administering ineffective drugs from big pharma weren't working and the risks outweighed the benefits. For the Nunez family, the cannabis plant was magic.

A Second Chance At Life

Amylea is responding excellently to Charlotte’s Web. Amylea is a record holder, since she is the youngest recipient of cannabis oil to date. Her story is not only a testament to the persistence of the love of her family and the human will, but also the persistence and progress of a movement that advocates a medicinal plant that continues to prove itself useful around the world.

It is very important to note that Charlotte’s Web hemp oil is not medical marijuana, it will not get you high and has no THC in it. Her oil is CBD (Cannabidiol) oil. The distinction is important because often times people have a prejudice against the marijuana plant simply because they associate it with intoxication and getting high. This is sad, because there is growing body of studies and information that demonstrate the medicinal propensity of the marijuana plant.

Regardless of people's confused prejudices though, stories proving the plants worth are emerging every day. If you, or someone you know, are dealing with anything ranging from cancer, to epilepsy and a list of other diseases that you have had trouble in dealing with, maybe it's time to start researching the benefits of cannabis oil? Remember this is the age of information, everything you need to know can be found through persistence online.

Please help spread this news guys, cause we both know the mainstream media won't unless put in a position where they absolutely have to.

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