Anti-Gay Pastor Arrested on 70 COUNTS Of Child Porn

Why is it that the most judgmental and hateful people in this world are always the most bigoted and worthy of being judged?

The answer to this question should be common sense. For a human being to judge and hate, and basically be a source of toxicity, they themselves must be toxic inside.

In this story below, a pastor named Dave Reynolds of Sherwood Arkansas, was loudly outspoken about how being gay is a "sin", yet this guy has an addiction to child pornography!

The Arkansas Internet Crimes against Children Task Force reported that an internet account was created under the name “Candy Man” and has since been linked to Reynolds.

Sherwood PD and the Special Investigations Division of the Office of the Arkansas Attorney General, investigated further and found the child porn addicted pastor to be guilty.

You can learn more in the video below;

Obviously this does not make all religious people bigoted horrible human beings. That is not what this story should represent since you get good and bad people in all walks of life. But what this does mean, is often times those people who are telling us to judge or condemn others for behaviors that are not actually dangerous or a real threat to society, are themselves the biggest hypocrites and often times the real dangers we need to watch out for.

Beware of anyone preaching hate, intolerance or division, no matter what ideology they claim to uphold.

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