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Guy Builds NEW Country Where You Can Smoke Marijuana And Pay Taxes Voluntarily!

Czech libertarian, politician and activist Vít Jedlička, has just set up the world’s newest and youngest country called Liberland! Officially known as the Free Republic of Liberland, which sits on the banks of the river Danube where you will find the flag of the new nation proudly flies.

The flag consists of a yellow backdrop which symbolized libertarianism with a black stripe running horizontally through the center, which symbolizes anarchy and rebellion towards unjust authority and government.

The country itself sits between Croatia and Serbia, and was “unclaimed” until Vit Jedlička decided to make it his own on 13 April 2015. Although he has had clashes with the two neighboring countries regarding the area in question, particularly Croatia, Jedlička is not backing down and has already announced the official government there. He is also winning massive support throughout the world and this, although seemingly trivial, could be a game changer because people are attracted to the concept. In fact, there are a potential 400,000 new citizens who would like to be a part of the country!

In the new country grounded in the ideals of anarchy and libertarianism, people are free to smoke marijuana, pay taxes (if they so choose to) towards services they find useful, own guns, and a long list of other liberties. In short, people are allowed to be free in their decisions for their lives, provided they do not infringe upon the freedoms of others in the community.

In an interview with The Independent, Jedlička explains that in spite of the overwhelming support, the Croatian government is doing its best to prevent the 400,000 potential inhabitants from moving into the new land with a police blockade. Nonetheless he, and his cabinet of officials (pictured below), are confident the will of the people will win out.

Perhaps he is right. Victor Hugo once said that, “No army can stop an idea whose time has come.” And people all over the world are attracted to the concept.

Please help share this story and help Liberland win more support from the people!

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