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Keanu Reeves Talks About Deeper Meaning Behind The Matrix & Books He Had To Read To Understand it


The Matrix has given birth to a new generation in many ways and symbols a turning point in the collective mind and how people are beginning to wake up to the real Matrix of society.

In these videos, Keanu Reeves, or “Neo” discusses the deeper meaning behind the Matrix and then also some of the very interesting books he had to read before he could take the part.

The first video he slowly explains why he was attracted to the Matrix and what the film is really all about;

Keanu is correct, the Matrix addressed so much more than any one particular topic. But, above all else, as he mentions at the end of the video, it addresses “truth”.

The second video he briefly addresses the deeper meaning again, but also talks about the 3 books he had to read which were obviously about gaining a deeper understanding about what the movie, the Matrix, was all about;

In case you didn’t catch the names of the books, the first was Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard. The second is Out of Control by Kevin Kelly and the third is Introducing Evolutionary psychology by Dylan Evans. Each book is relatively mind blowing. The first, Simulacra and Simulation is selling for up to $2,000 on Amazon in hardcover format and that’s not even new! Fortunately, for those interested you can pick up a cheaper BRAND NEW copy in paper back.

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