Police Brutality Backfires: Crowd storms field to protect fan from being beaten

In this remarkable footage, police are seen beating a fan who is simply having himself a good time. That is, of course, until other fans storm the field and remind the police (and themselves) that their power is largely an illusion. There are far less of them than there are of us, and although I do not recommend violence to get our way, if police are clearly abusing their power and using unnecessary force, it should only be right that the people defend themselves or help defend those who cannot do so.

 Check out this incredible footage for yourself;

All around the world, particularly in the West, more and more people are beginning to see that police are prone to abusing their powers. This, quite frankly, is because it is far too easy to become a cop. They need more training, especially psychologically, before being put in position of power.

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