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Powerful Words of Wisdom on Human Existence, Religion, Materialism, & Politics from George Carlin

Despite having passed away, George Carlin is one of the greatest authorities in social media. When he talks, despite it being controversial, people generally listen and for good reason because he tends to have some profound insights.

This interview is no different, and some what of a rarity because you can see that he is being stone
cold serious, which is unusual for his comical way of delivering truth to the people.

Carlin explores so many topics in such a short, but profound way, that in order to absorb what he says you literally have to listen to the interview again and again.

George Carlin once said that “inside every cynical person there is a disappointed idealist,” and I think this interview sums up his perspective very well. You can see that Carlin has a look of serious disappointment because human beings really have such great potential but we continue to allow not only idiots to rule over us, but for ourselves to be given to pathetic vices and an overall mediocre existence.

The internet though, has helped to create a lot of positive change and now, for the first time in history, we are faced with a scenario globally where people are awake and aware of what is really going on. And we can communicate without absolute censorship on how to fix things.

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