PROOF Israel is Controlled by the Powerful Banking Family The Rothschilds

This also explains the hidden history behind the creation of the Zionist state of Israel... truly mind blowing stuff.

Most of us are familiar with the Rothschild family today. Those who don't know that they are the fathers of modern day banking, tend to at least know they have a history of corruption.

Whether its funding both sides of a war, funding Cecil Rhodes to start up the most corrupt diamond business in history or fixing the gold market the Rothschilds seem to be involved in everything.

This example is no different, and is sure to stir some heated debate online...

The controversial state of Israel was actually formed in a declaration from the British government to Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild and YES this is a REAL document which you can verify HERE;

This is one of the most controversial declarations in history because it marks the beginning of when the Zionists began to steal the Palestinians land and it was approved by the British government which had absolutely no right to do it in the first place.

To this day no one really knows why the British government made this deal with the Rothschilds but some people, such as former Zionist Benjamin Freedman turned whistleblower (who was an insider at the time) claimed it was because the Rothschilds helped them win the first world war by getting America involved, because Britain was actually losing to Germany at the time.

This should come as no surprise, since the Rothschild family have been perhaps the most influential family in history in the creation of our modern world. But what is really startling, is that these events could have been what led to the rise of Hitler and his views on the Jewish people.

Aside from this disturbing piece of history that the text books not dare speak about, the Rothschilds also financed the construction of the supreme court building in Israel, which shows their control over the law there.

To make this even more uncomfortable, check out the structural design of the supreme court building...


Yes, that is an "all seeing" pyramid at the top of the building...

Very few people speak about the symbolic significance of this structure which itself clearly is of importance. The "all seeing eye" that sits atop the pyramid structure is one of the oldest historically known to man and can also be found on the dollar bill with the words "novus ordo seclorum" sitting at the bottom which translated means "New order of the ages" or "New World Order".

Without jumping to conclusions, it is pretty difficult to pretend that all of this doesn't have esoteric meaning or that this family has not had a major hand in the creation of the modern world as we know it... and in all likelihood are still pulling the strings in the background.

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