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Science Says People Who Talk To Themselves Are Geniuses

As it turns out, talking to yourself, is not only sane but it is also a sign of being genius.

After much debate and, more importantly, scientific analysis, it has come to light that talking to yourself is actually very healthy. In fact, Albert Einstein, would talk to himself often.

In an article from Elite Daily the author notes that talking to yourself helps in the following ways;

*Talking to yourself makes your brain work more efficiently.
*Talking out loud to yourself helps you only when you know what you need.
*You learn as a child by talking to yourself.
*Talking to yourself helps you organize your thoughts.
*Talking to yourself helps you achieve your goals.
*It helps your self-esteem

What the Science behind it says

As far as the science goes, in one study, psychologists Daniel Swigley and Gary Lupyan discovered that talking to oneself is, indeed, beneficial.

In one particular experiment, the two psychologists gave 20 people the name of an object (like a an apple or orange), which they were then told to find at the supermarket.

During the first set of trials, the participants were not allowed to speak to themselves but rather bound to silence and in the second set, they were allowed to repeat the object’s name out loud to themselves as they looked for it in the store.

The test subjects found the object with much greater ease when they were able to speak to themselves while searching.
According to Lupyan though, Speaking to yourself isn’t always helpful unless you are familiar visually with that object. On the other hand, if you know that oranges are orange and have a particular shape, smell, etc by saying orange out loud, you’re activating these visual properties in the brain your brain which in turn help you locate them.
It boosts memory receptivity

When you verbalize your thoughts out loud, it stimulates more sensory channels than when you subvocalize alone. It actually engages your emotions which is a much deeper level of intelligence.

Talking to ourselves helps us achieve our goals

Talking yourself through your goals, kind of like a coach or partner, is an easy way to help you achieve them. If you walk yourself through the process both mentally and verbally, you are helping to stimulate your brain’s potential more, which ultimately results in you achieving your goals.

Each step becomes less difficult because you are mentally engaged on a much deeper level and, as Sapadin puts it, “Saying [your goals] out loud focuses your attention, reinforces the message, controls your runaway emotions and screens out distractions.” It gives you clarity and keeps you focused.

Like Albert Einstein, talking to yourself means you are self reliant and don’t need authority to tell you what to do.

It keeps you motivated

Self-talk has been found to be even more effective if you refer to yourself in the second person. For example saying, “You can do it” works much better than proclaiming, “I can do it.”

So if you haven’t started talking to yourself, give it a try, it might be the edge you’ve been looking for to get you focused and on track to achieve your goals.

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