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Scientist Breaks Silence — CDC used FRAUD to hide Vaccine/Autism Link…

Think all vaccines are safe?? The FACTS say otherwise

The authorities have clearly tried to censor the controversial documentary Vaxxed from getting any airtime.

After it was pulled from the Tribeca film festival, mainstream media aggressively attempted to discredit the film as being considered illegitimate which is why it was taken off the schedule. They even tried to speak on behalf of actor Robert De Niro as if he decided that the science wasn’t sound but De Niro, in an intense interview, made it very clear that he thinks everyone should see the documentary and insinuated that there is massive corruption within the CDC and big pharma.

When you watch the trailer for the film in question, it becomes very clear why they don’t want you to see this documentary. A scientist from the CDC is blowing the whistle on how the CDC knew about the link between vaccines and autism and manipulated the data (thereby committing fraud) to cover it up.

It is so sad that so many people are blinded by the label of “science” and cannot comprehend the insane manipulation that is taking place here. To put this into perspective, in 1978 the prevalence of autism was about 1 in 15,000 children. Today it is 1 in 68 and in 16 years it is predicted to be just 1 out of every 2 kids!! This trend coincides with the prevalence of vaccinations.

It should be mentioned that this documentary is not “anti vaccination” (which is more of a derogatory term used to discredit people), it is pro credible legitimate science and focuses on exposing what is irrefutable corruption within the CDC and Big Pharma.

After watching this trailer, I understand why Robert De Niro (who has a child with autism) is so adamant about people seeing it. For those interested you can find out where the next airing is HERE

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