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Strange Creatures’ Remains Were Discovered In A London Basement

In 1960 a demolition crew explored an old abandoned London mansion formerly owned by “Crypto-naturalist, Fringe Zoologist and Xeno -Archeologist” Thomas Theodore Merlin. In the basement they found thousands of incredibly strange wooden boxes which had been sealed. When they finally got the boxes open, they found something truly shocking inside.


The boxes contained the bodies bizarre looking creatures unlike anything any of them had ever seen. These unidentifiable creatures and artifacts looked like something straight out of a fairy tale or horror movie and were thought to be nothing more than myth. It is a mystery that challenges our understanding of bot only biology and chemistry, but our history and the whole world around us.

But this is “no fairytale“, according to Merrylin Cryptid Museum, which now houses these remarkable specimens,for he was a scientist, and empirical evidence and rational thought hold sway here.

You can visit the museum’s website for more information HERE

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