Study: Vegan Blood is 8X More Effective At KILLING CANCER cells

Scientists have found that blood taken from vegans is 8 times more effective at killing cancer cells than blood taken from those following a Standard American Diet.

Scientists have made the incredible discovery that blood drawn from vegans is 8 times more effective at eradicating cancer cells than the blood from those following a Standard American Diet! (S.A.D.)

In a series of experiments people were put on different diets and their blood was drawn and then dripped onto cancer cells in a petri dish to see which diet was more effective at fighting off the disease.

Ironically, the blood of those on the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) also can fight cancer, but the blood within the bodies of vegans was 8 times more powerful!

Another similar but short-term experiment found a dramatic strengthening of cancer defence against breast cancer after only 14 days of plant-based eating and light exercise. Only two weeks of making fruits, veg, and legumes the priority saw that the woman tested had significantly slowed cancer growth. A separate trial ran to make sure the exercise wasn’t the true cancer-killer, and found that while it did help, plant-based diets were still twice as powerful at attacking cancer cells. - See more at:
Samples of blood were also taken from women with breast cancer, and then they spent 14 days on a plant based diet and 30-60 minutes of light exercise daily. After the 14 days their blood was drawn  again and found to significantly slow down the growth of the spread of cancer and increase the blood's efficiency in killing cancer cells.

A separate study was setup to go into more detail and found that although the exercise did help to suppress the spread of the cancer, the plant-based diet alone had twice as much power to kill cancer cells!
Veganism has been well documented to be superior to other traditional forms of diet, which you can read more about HERE and HERE and this study reinforces the facts.

So what are you waiting for? Veganism is not only better for the planet and for animal life but it is also best for your health!

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