The Movie That is Helping Inspire a Global Revolution...

Did you know that the same guys that wrote the screen play for the Matrix also filmed the movie V for Vendetta? That's right, these 2 incredible films were actually directed by the same people and both have been equally influential on society.

If you've never seen it before you're probably asking why do I mention this film? Because this movie has given birth to powerful revolutionary thought within the youth — namely the symbol of the Guy Fawkes mask as a symbol of rebellion against the system ,— and also helped make the common tactic of government's using "false flag" terrorism against the population, mainstream knowledge.

The mask of the character V, has been adopted by protestors across the globe, as well as the hacktivist group who calls themselves Anonymous.

Hacktivist group Anonymous broadcasting message
The hacker group have caused quite a stir and taken down websites owned or affiliated by the Church of Scientology, government agencies within the U.S., Israel, Tunisia, Uganda, and others; as well as ISIS, the KKK, the Westboro Baptist Church and corporations such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and Sony.

 Dozens of people have actually been arrested by governments for their role in hacking and exposing secrets and corruption. The first person to be sent to jail was 19 year old American Dmitriy Guzner for hacking the controversial church of Scientology, but the most significant is probably that of Jeremy Hammonds who hacked into military intelligence agency Stratfor to expose their corruption to the public, which they leaked to Wikileaks.

Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammonds has been arrested for exposing government corruption and is currently doing 10 years in prison.
 But "Anonymous" is much greater of a concept than just a hacktivist group. It is a movement of people all around the world recognizing that we are all anonymous. The starving child in Africa that won't make it to the end of this day because of exploitation and artificial scarcity. The mother and father working full time jobs just to put food on the table and a roof over their children's heads. The guy begging on the side of the street because he could never readjust to society after coming back from being used as a pawn in a war about expanding empire that he was lied to about. The child who grows up without a mother or father because they were killed in a U.S. drone strike. The young man starting a family who has been diagnosed with cancer because he was never taught that eating the common Western diet is like putting poison in your body, or the kid who just got suspended from school because he questions the history he is being taught.

 SPOILER ALERT" Final scene from V for Vendetta which helps to explain the concept of Anonymous.

Anonymous transcends nationalities, countries, flags and any other external label or illusory boundary. It is the declaration that I am a citizen of the world and I belong to the human race. It is the proclamation that enough is enough and it is time for us to take our world back, out of the hands of the corrupt and hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity, against our animal friends and against this beautiful planet.

The concept of anonymous, is that we are all in this struggle against the elite together. We've all been made victims in one way or another and instead of blaming each other, it is time to unity and blame those who are truly responsible.

So although the mask is indeed a "Guy Fawkes mask", the movement itself is far more a product of the movie, V For Vendetta, than it is of the actual individual Guy Fawkes, who most people certainly don't care much for. Especially considering that he may have been an agent of the Roman Catholic Church which is another organization hacked by the hacktivist group for their corruption.

Even celebrity Russell Brand has been involved in the Anonymous movement

It is important for people to understand that at its deepest root, the movement of Anonymous is about equality, peace and unity, while also opposing corruption and skullduggery. In other words, anyone who goes against those basic fundamentals cannot be taken seriously as being a part of the movement.

For those who have not seen the incredible movie V for Vendetta you can rent or purchase it HERE. After you watch the movie you will understand where the true inspiration for the Anonymous movement came from.

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