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THIS is How to Relieve Your Sinus Infection In Under 30 Seconds!

So SIMPLE it’s incredible!

Few things are as annoying as a stuffy nose. It seems to be a regular occurrence for some of us and although kind of a small deal, it really starts to get old after a while.

This is especially true when allergies begin to act up when the seasons change and you can’t breathe smoothly through your nose and your eyes itch or burn. Seriously annoying and I think easy to relate to for most of us.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon this simply but amazing method to relieve sinus congestion. This alone will not solve deeper problems, but it does give some immediate relief which is great!

Diet is just as important, so gotta make time for good foods. I find spicy foods to be great and lots of room temperature water.

The “special” method:

Your sinuses will begin to drain immediately  in most cases. This works because the vomer bone in the nasal passages rocks back and forth with the pressure and this in turn loosens up the phlegm in our sinuses, thereby allowing it to drain.

This is how it works;

Push your tongue against the roof of your mouth firmly.

Apply pressure but don’t go too crazy.

Place your thumb between your eyebrows.

Press down with your thumb for approximately 30 seconds, while applying a good amount of pressure. Just don’t push too hard though. Over time you will learn how to gauge this better.

And that’s it, pretty cool right? Next time give this “special” method a try.

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