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THIS is Why Genius Minds Always Wear The Same Clothes!

I never realized this!!

Did you know people process around 74 GIGABITES of information every single day! Unfortunately most of us are wasting this almost incomprehensible potential on meaningless endeavors. Focusing our minds energy on the wrong things, usually problems which stress us out or distractions like celebrity gossip and reality TV.
In fact, many people overload themselves with thoughts to the point that the brain becomes overloaded and can no longer deal with everything which results in mental exhaustion and in serious cases a mental break down.
Daniel Levitin, a cognitive psychologist and neuroscientist puts it this way;
“Not long ago we thought that people can pay attention to 9 things simultaneously. Now we know that this is incorrect. That’s overestimated. The conscious mind can take care about up to 3 things simultaneously. When you start to “juggle” with more things at once, that’s when you start losing your mental power” 
 This is the simple but amazing reason why some of the world’s most successful people wear the same clothes all the time.
From Apple founder Steve Jobs (pictured above) to Albert Einstein, facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and many other successful people in society, they wear the same clothes to ensure they use their brain’s power as effectively as possible.
Albert Einstein always wore his gray suit, just like Steve Jobs always wore his black turtleneck, and Mark Zuckerberg his gray t-shirt.
In fact, in an interview back in 2014 Zuckerberg explained that he wears the same outfit because he doesn’t want to waste time on something that is of so little benefit to his personal ambitions.

Other people who could be considered genius in their own right who always wear the same clothes are rock legends Johnny Cash and Guns n Roses lead guitarist Slash.

The mind is a truly incredible machine, but unfortunately it uses just as much power and resource energy on distractions or things that we aren’t really passionate about as it would achieving our goals and dreams. Sadly, so many of us are wasting our potential and don’t even realize it.

We all have this potential guys, but only those of us who focus on what is important and disregard what isn’t really achieve our goals.

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