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Unlike America, Iceland’s Economy Recovered After Jailing 29 Bankers Instead of Bailing them Out

 It’s time for us to follow their example!

The global economy is still trying to recover from the massive trauma it suffered during the 2008 financial crisis which was facilitated by the banksters. This is because none of these criminals, who literally robbed the average tax payer blind were ever truly held responsible for their inexcusable conduct. One country, however, held the elitist criminal element accountable and it just so happens that they are recovering light years ahead of the rest of us.

This country, of course, is Iceland. An inspiring 29 bankers have now been put in prison for their criminal actions that brought about the disaster of 2008 in this revolutionary country. 

Stefan Simanowitz, recently wrote a piece in The Huffington Post documenting this victory for justice and questioned why rest of the West, particularly the United States and the United Kingdom, have not pursued a similar policy.

“[N]ot a single senior banking executive in the US or the UK has been jailed for their role in the financial crisis. Whilst banks — such as the five found to be rigging the Libor rate — have been hit with substantial fines, the individual bankers behind the fraud, market rigging and irresponsible lending that led to the economic meltdown have all avoided time behind bars.”

This is a common theme in the Western system. Hitting banks with fees that ultimately amount to a slap on the wrist, with no one really being brought to justice. In fact, Obama who ran on a platform that he would bring these criminals to justice went ahead and filled his administration with them. This included the likes of criminal elitist front men like Timothy Geithner, Lawrence Summers and Paul Volcker

Where Iceland’s approach was radically different than the rest of the world’s, is rather than bailing out the criminal banks with tax payers money (which is basically legalized robbery) they bailed out the average individual who was a victim of the manipulation within the financial markets.

One of the biggest players in the crash of 2008 was Goldman Sachs who has recently made the news because they are set to pay another fine (slap on the wrist) that does not call for any real jail time or consequences.Why is it that if you or I break the law, maybe something as simple as treating a dying loved one illegally with cannabis oil, we are placed in jail and receive a permanent record but these criminals can do as they please and hide behind their bank. No criminal record, no jail time?

Other banks that also received slaps on the wrist, without any executives even going to court, include Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bank of America. In short, the system is rigged in a massive way to give the super rich immunity while the rest of us are targeted for the most stupid of offenses.

Gandhi once said, “when the people lead the leaders will follow.” This is because the politicians and those in positions of power know they have no power without us. We are the ones who prop the economy up, not banks, or corporations or politicians. These things cannot survive without our support. And when we demand something they have no choice, they have to honor that demand or get caught in the pathway of our burning thirst for justice.

But before we can demand anything we have to become aware of what is going on and that is where social media has been so powerful, because it has allowed us to address issues that the mainstream media would otherwise remain absolutely silent about.

So please, go ahead and share this article. It’s time we took a course of action to that of Iceland. There model for dealing with the banksters has proven itself effective and we need to demand REAL justice be convened.

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