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Wikileaks Collateral Murder Video With Soldier’s Testimony Going Viral Again

Memorial day is here once again and civilians are posting updates and echoing slogan chants like  “support the troops”. But how many people are genuinely supporting them? How many people know that veterans account for the highest adult homeless population in the country or that they commit suicide by the hour? How many people know they struggle to get health care and other services from the government who put them in war zones that destroyed their mental health to begin with??

Fresh out of highschool, these kids are fed absurd amounts of propaganda about fighting evil and upholding good. They are made to believe in illusions that are as far away from the truth as possible and when they finally become disillusioned with these illusions and lies, it’s already too late. There wake up call doesn’t come in the form of a video like the one you are about to see, but in person, in a war zone and often with blood on their hands which makes them wanna kill themselves or at the very least become suicidal.

The following video was leaked by Chelsea Manning to wikileaks and caused HUGE controversy for reasons that need no explanation. About a dozen innocent people were murdered, including 2 news reporters from Reuters and 2 children who did not die but were wounded.

But, since the video’s release, one of the actual soldier’s that was on the ground that day gives his eye witness account of what really took place and it will change the way you look at war forever;

As you can see in this video, the commentators are literally itching to kill these Iraqis. They were never able to verify if they were actually hostiles and there were never any weapons either. They just seem to have been itching for a killing spree.

This is just the tip of the iceberg but it’s time people woke up and realized what’s going on here. The elites are making the poor and middle class go fight for them. Not for freedom and not for democracy, which are two things that don’t really exist in the United States to the degree that the average person thinks.

If you are not convinced yet, check out this video from a bunch of different soldiers speaking out about the truth;

You wanna help support the troops? Share this video and stop sending them to fight wars for the super rich!

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