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You Will Want To Recycle Everything After Seeing These Photos!

You Will Want To Recycle Everything After Seeing These Photos!

 A Child Drinks Polluted Water From A Stream In Fuyuan County, Yunnan Province


 A Mute Swan Builds A Nest Using Plastic Garbage


 Stork trapped in plastic


 Toirtouse trapped in plastic


A seal badly wounded and in pain, not safe in its own environment

Ares Caius

 Albatross Killed By Excess Plastic Ingestion (North Pacific)


 Bangladesh Landscape Filled With Trash


 Beijing In A Cloud Of Smog


 Bird in oil spill

Charlie Riedel

 Bird in oil spill


 Boy Swimming In Polluted Water In India


 Cat Sunning In Trash (Wetsahara, Morocco)

 Nadine Kreation

 Homeless Koala


 Landfill In Acra (Ghana)


 Oiled Penguins

Jon Hrusa

 Open Dumping In The Streets Of New Delhi, India

 Emma Valette

Seals nose trapped in pollution


 Surfing A Wave Full Of Trash (Java, Indonesia – The World’s Most Populated Island) 


 This Crab Lives In An Old Bottle


 Trapped in plastic, this poor turtle’s waist never grew


 Trash Washed Out To Sea… (Mekong, Laos)

 Raymond Richards

 Turtle Population Killed By Chemicals In Environment (Tunisia) 

 The Tunisian Ecocide Group

 Young Raccoon With Fishing Lure In His Lip


Why are we not putting more effort into using biodegradable materials like cannabis? Please share this and help spread awareness!

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