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30 Worst Charities in America Stealing MILLIONS of Your Donated Money!


A disturbing ten year study by The Tampa Bay Times and the Center for Investigative Reporting has exposed a number of very high profile American charities for literally stealing money they are supposed to be donating which amounts to hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars!

The study highlights how massive corporations use the disguise of “philanthropy” to line up their own pockets and profit.

The teams calculated all the money taken in for profit, from 11,100 US charities, and the figure they ended up with is just SICK.

Out of close to $1 billion raised over the decade, just $43.9 million ended up as direct cash aid to help the alleged cause they were deceiving people into believing they were helping to support. In other words, more than $900m went straight to profit!

You can check the list below;

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