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7 Popular Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Here are 7 of the most popular beers found in just about every bar in the United States that you should stop drinking immediately.

More and more people are waking up to how unhealthy our food is and that we cannot trust food companies to provide us with good nutritious food, and therefore have to research which companies are good and which are bad.

When it comes to alcohol though, very few people do any research at all and this is a major mistake. The problem is that these huge companies, through their lobbyists, have bribed political officials with large amounts of money to make sure that their products are not labeled.

Some of the harmful ingredients that they try to hide are as follows;

  • GMO Corn Syrup
  • GMO Corn
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Fish Bladder
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • artificial Flavors
  • GMO Sugars
  • Caramel Coloring
  • Insect-Based Dyes
  • Carrageenan
  • BPA
  • & many more.

Below is a list of 7 popular brands you should avoid immediately!

1. Newcastle Brown Ale


Newcastle beer contains caramel coloring.which is made from ammonia, and this boys and girls is classified as a carcinogen and carcinogens are cancerous.

2. Corona Extra


Corona is one of the most popular and well marketed beer brands in the world. They propagate an image or relaxing and letting go of worries. That is, of course, until you discover the beer has GMO Corn Syrup and Propylene Glycol. Propylene Glycol is a very controversial ingredient and is linked to a list of potential health hazards.

3. Michelob Ultra


Michelob beer is another one that needs to be avoided. It contains a genetically modified sweetener (dextrose).

4. Miller Lite


Another extremely popular beer that contains GMO products. Miller Lite contains GMO corn and corn syrup. Yuk!

5. Coors Light

Coors light is yet another popular brand.  Mostly because its cheap but still considered refreshing. That is, of course, until you discover that the beer contains GMO corn syrup.

6. Pabst Blue Ribbon

Although not as popular as the others, Pabst Blue Ribbon also deserves a mention here because it contains GMO corn and GMO corn syrup.

7. Budweiser


Another super popular beer, mostly in the U.S. is Budweiser which contains GMO corn.

Below is a list of GMO free beers;

GMO Free Beers:

Organic Beers (Unpasteurized & Unfiltered)

  • Wolaver’s – all beers
  • Lamar Street – Whole Foods label (brewed by Goose Island)
  • Bison – all beers
  • Dogfish Head (organic when ingredients available)
  • Fish Brewery Company – Fish Tale Ales
  • Lakefront Brewery – Organic ESB
  • Brooklyn – (organic when ingredients are available)
  • Pinkus – all beers
  • Samuel Smiths – Samuel Smiths Organic Ale
  • Wychwood – Scarecrow Ale

Non-Organic Beers (Unpasteurized & Unfiltered)

  • Sierra Nevada – all choices
  • Duck Rabbit – Brown Ale, Porter, Amber Ale, Milk Stout
  • Dogfish Head- 60 Minute IPA, Shelter Pale Ale, Chicory Stout
  • Shipyard – Summer Brew
  • Victory Brewery – Whirlwind
  • North Coast – Blue Star
  • Bridgeport – IPA (Bottle conditioned)
  • Ayinger – all choices
  • Royal Oak – Pale Ale
  • Fraziskaner – Hefeweisse and Dunkel Weisse
  • Weihenstephaner – Hefe Weissbier
  • Maisel’s – Weisse
  • Hoegaarden – Belgian Wit


  • Heineken
  • Steamwhistle
  • Amstel Light
  • Duchy Original Ale Organic
  • Mill Street Brewery
  • Fuller’s Organic
  • Nelson Organic Ale
  • Natureland Organic

Companies do change their practices when enough people start complaining, so if any of this has changed please feel free to email us and we will be happy to update it with the proper documentation and evidence proving your claim.

Source: www.organics.org

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