Candy-flavored meth approved by the FDA for kids even though side effects include heart attack

A candy-flavored amphetamine named Adzenys XR-ODT is being served to children aged six or older throughout the country that have been diagnosed with the controversial "disorder" ADHD.

What makes this especially unwanted and strange is on the label it clear says "high potential for abuse and dependence."  So why is this being sold to our kids then? To get them hooked on big pharma at a young age??

This red flag, in addition to it having a candy like taste and appearance, further signifying the potential danger for child addiction is sounding off alarms for concerned parents. Nonetheless,  tt has not stopped Neos Therapeutics, the Dallas-based pharmaceutical company that created the drug, from moving forward.

According to the unethical company's CEO, Vipin Garg, they are "launching now at full speed" to ensure they get "ahead of back-to-school season.” What kind of a world are we living in where this is now actually considered to be ok???

So what is the FDA thinking? Or is the organization, known for its long corrupt history, thinking about profit motive alone? This drug is known to cause problems for the liver, heart attack, seizures, stroke, and psychotic episodes. Sadly, what is more than likely going to happen here is children will suffer and potentially die but big pharma will find a way to hush it up.

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