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Electricity Companies FEAR This Man…

By now most people know that wars are fought over natural resources and wealth, not fairy tales about good vs evil. Free electricity and energy though, could potentially change all of this. Among the many benefits well known to us,  water can also literally be extracted from thin air, which can then be used to plant and water crops. Free energy is key to becoming self sustainable and free from government and corporate control and monopoly.

In short, with enough electricity, almost all of humanity’s fundamental needs can be met.

Monopolized and controlled energy, like the overwhelming majority of humanity has now, is inherently opposed and in conflict with the concept of a free society for the simple fact that it can be manipulated. Prices can go up or down and can even be shut down on purpose or because of a natural disaster.

Making the move towards domestic self sustainable production of electricity,  is a move towards freedom, security and independence. Free energy production is the mark of a free society. This was also be excellent for the environment.

Enter Doug Coulter of Floyd, Virginia, who lives in a remote part of the woods in what he calls a “libertarian communism” community where he spends his time doing what he wants, which is inventing and innovating in his home work shop.

What This deceptively brilliant man has developed can be a major game changer when it comes to providing the world with free electricity. In fact, he explains that,

“If this works, I’m about to anger several trillion dollar a year businesses.”

These businesses include the behemoth Big Oil companies and also the major GMO agri business.

Doug claims he is on the verge of cracking what has eluded scientists for as long as history records: the attainment of nuclear fusion, or free energy. Doug says he got most of his knowledge from an open source forum for scientists and engineers, and that once his nuclear fusion reactor is complete and ready to, He will also release for free to the public so that anyone living anywhere will have access to the technology and be free from big business.

Watch this video below to learn more;

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