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Great Pyramid, Sphinx May Be 800,000 Years Old After Surviving ‘Great Flood’

New research reveals that major monuments, such as the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and the overall surrounding area have suffered heavy floods from ancient history.

What this suggests is that these legendary structures may actually be thousands of years older than originally thought. In fact, it could even prove that the Pyramids and Sphinx possibly predate ancient Egypt.


Mystery is synonymous with the great pyramids of Egypt and elsewhere. Not only are professionals not able to explain how these structures came into existence in absolute terms, but their precision and proficiency in terms of architecture is unrivaled, even by todays standards. Additionally, they sit in a significant position facing true north and sit at the direct center of the earth’s landmass.

Although these mysteries remain unsolved, these recent discoveries help to shed some new light on what seems to be the lost history of the human race. It is true that this theory was first presented in 50’s and then later in a more convincing fashion in the early 90’s, but recent studies have made strides in validating that thesis.

Now, two Ukrainian researchers, Vjacheslav Manichev and Alexander Parkhomenko, have proposed a new provocative theory where the two scientists propose that the Great Sphinx of Egypt is around 800,000 years old! A remarkable theory but one that is backed up science.

The study was presented at the International Conference of Geoarchaeology and Archaeomineralogy held in Sofia.

The published study’s second paragraph opens as follows;

In the recent years one could observe the growth of interest in dating the construction of the Great Egyptian Sphinx (GES), which is determined, to a considerable extent, by new ideas
about geological factors which could influence its safety. In view of another interpretation of the geological and naturegeographical data the historical-archaeological method for determining the GES age (about 5000 years old) can prove to be unfounded. The authors of the report have another point of view in considering the problem. We have taken the GES age such as it was indicated by theosophist Yelena Blavatskaya in one of her basic works (1937). 

She wrote: “Notice the indestructible witness of evolution of Human races, from Divine, and especially Androgynous race, the Egyptian Sphinx, that mystery of centuries”. According to Blavatskaya the time of GES erection should exceed 750000 years. Are there some geological indications which are evidence for such an old age of the Sphinx?

Through a wide range of scientific study and research, they eventually came to the conclusion that “Geological data from literary sources can suggest a possible Sphinx submersion in the Early Pleistocene, and its initial construction is believed to date from the time of most ancient history.”

For those who don’t know, the Pleistocene age was the ice age! Try to wrap your head around what this means and how it challenges everything we think we know about history and the story of mankind. It is mind blowing how the mainstream media are not touching this story which really makes the individual wonder if there is some type of cover up about human history? I mean how can you not even make mention of something so extraordinary. And yes, this is a legitimate published study which you can see for yourself HERE.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what, if anything further develops from this.

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