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In Less Than 1 Minute FRUSTRATED Morgan Freeman Solves Racism


One of the most immature human distinctions, is the belief that skin color makes people dramatically different or the same. When in all honesty and truth, it is character which comes from within, that makes people different or the same.

The root source behind these silly distinctions and prejudices is largely rooted in the mainstream media and Hollywood. They perpetuate certain stereotypes which in turn get promoted in real life because people have no direction and are not taught self respect so they simply echo what they see on television.

A lot of this is also rooted in the past, which the media loves to fan the flames over. But what they will never tell you is that the average person in history had no real say in the institution of slavery or colonialism any more than the average American has a real say in whether the country goes and bombs some poor brown people in the middle East. But they play us off against each other while the people in power laugh all the way to the bank!

What they don’t realize is the elites have been putting us against each other since the dawn of time, for the simple fact that there is no other way for less than 1% of the population to rule over and take advantage of the other 99%.

The day we begin to realize that what separates us is not skin color or even religion, but how we treat others and the type of person we are within, which manifests through our action in the world without, is the day that things will begin to really change for the better.

One race, human race. And any problem should be viewed as a collective human problem. As the great Nikola Tesla said, “We are all one“.

You can check out Morgan’s interview below;

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