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Man To Fly Plane Into Building To Settle 9/11 Conspiracy Debate

An American businessman who now lives in Thailand, named Paul Salo, has decided to “recreate” the 9/11 attacks by purchasing a Boeing 747 and then crashing it into the side of a building at 500 mph. 

Although there is an overwhelming body of evidence that suggests 9/11 was an inside job, there are some people who actually still believe the conspiracy theory that Arab men hiding in caves were able to penetrate the most heavily guarded air space, and a trillion dollar intelligence apparatus, with the use of box cutters.

American businessman Paul Salo though, plans to literally reenact the 9/11 attacks to find out whether or not the towers were brought down by controlled demolition or by planted explosives.

“We’re going to purchase a 747 or equivalent aircraft that’s about to go out of service, we’re going to fill it full of jet fuel, we’re going to purchase a building that’s about to be torn down in the countryside… and we’re going to crash it at 900km per hour into that building.“

He continues explaining that;

“If there’s just a smoking hole in the building and nothing happens, you pretty much know it was a hoax, right? Cos it’s obvious, right? Sure, some people might be upset, but we deserve to find out what happened.”

Whether you think he’s genius or crazy, he is right that the world deserves to find out what happened, since that event has given rise to the greatest military (and empire) expansion in modern history.

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