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Mom Takes Seemingly Funny Photo Of Daughter, Then Realizes A Harsh Truth

At first, she thought her 3-year-old was just being silly…

This photo has been going viral across the internet because it is a sobering reminder of a terrible problem in America.

There have been 188 school shootings in the U.S. in the past three years alone, which is why teachers and authorities have began teaching those who work or attend public schools how to handle themselves during a lock down or high risk situation. Reportedly, this includes teaching young children to stand on the seats of toilets if they are in the bathroom during an attack.

Stacey Feeley, the mother of the 3-year-old in the photo, said she didn’t know this at first and thought her daughter was just being silly and wanted to take the picture to send to her husband. But when the little girl informed her mom what it was really all about her joy quickly turned to heart break.

Out of her frustration the woman understandably begins to demand gun control, which is expected in a situation when people have no clear understanding or awareness about deep state politics and what the government is actually willing to do (and has done historically) to further its own personal agenda.

Because the government literally has the capability to create lone gun crazed assassins, which they developed through the CIA during their highly controversial MKULTRA program, and because the CIA also planned to literally carry out terrorist attacks on the civilian population in Operation Northwoods, blaming guns which have no mind of their own, without asking if the government had a potential role in these shootings is foolish.  They have the skillset and will to pull off these operations based on history, that is enough reason to question if they are responsible or some how involved. Only a fool would not investigate this.

In spite of the lack of discussion regarding this very serious topic, I think we can all appreciate this concerned mothers frustration, but before we  blame guns we need to do some research. The government is a likely suspect.

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