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NASA Reportedly Paying People $18,000 To Smoke Weed & Lay in Bed

According to numerous reports, there is a Dream job alert that NASA is offering an $18,000 lump sum to anyone who is willing to smoke weed every day for 70 days straight, and also spend the day in bed.

The reports state that the research is to discover:

1. The changing physiology of astronauts in space and its effects on the process of certain missions.
2. The impact of their physical state on their ability to perform in particular tasks.
3. To be prepared in advance to combat any impairment that the physiological state may lead to.

What this means is NASA literally want to get people high so they can study them and see how people will perform under duress as a trial for understanding similar conditions in outer space.

Volunteers will be divided into two separate groups – exercising and non-exercising. While the former will involve training exercises on special equipment, the latter will be left comfortably at ease.

Sound easy? Consider how it would feel to be high for over 2 months straight, probably on some potent stick icky, and then being forced to just lie in bed all day. It really is not as easy as people might think it sounds and will challenge the mental capacities of the participants. I mean you will probably look like this for over 2 months straight;

Not sure how the eating and bathroom break arrangements will work but if you really give it some proper thought, this won’t be easy at all.

So what do you think, would you be willing to give it a try?

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