Our Model Of The Solar System Has Been Wrong This Entire Time!

Our solar system is a vortex!

In practically every class around the globe, and most likely in the school you personally went to we are propagating a FALSE model of the solar system which looks like this;

This is the conventional model of the Solar System, or the Heliocentric Model, in which our planets rotate around the sun. Although this isn’t exactly wrong, it’s missing one extremely important fact. And that fact is that The sun is not stationary.

The sun is actually traveling at an incredibly fast speed, around 828,000 km per hour, or 514,000 miles per hour!

Our whole entire Solar System is orbiting the Milky Way Galaxy. In fact, it takes approximately 220 Million Years for the Sun to orbit our entire Galaxy.

With that said, our visual model of the Solar System obviously needs to be changed. Yet still, to this day, we are not taught about this and the question is obviously why? Our planets are actually flying through space with the sun, and are literally creating a giant kind of DNA Helix, and a vortex, likened to our Milky Way Galaxy.

This entails that our Sun & the Planets of our Solar System are never in the same place. When we make one rotation around the sun, we have already traveled millions of miles through space, meaning these Cosmic Cycles are far grander than we might have previously imagined.

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