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Palestinian Girl Hears Music So Beautiful She Is Moved To Dance (With A Little Push From Dad)

This is so beautiful

A father and his family were standing watching a violinist playing a beautiful song somewhere in Italy that truly speaks to the soul.

 The father, who is filming the performance, then asks his daughter to dance along, at first she says no, but after a little more encouragement and asking her to “please do it for me”, she gives in and starts to dance.

This is spontaneous and profound for so many reasons. We all know that music has a way of breaking down barriers and eliciting something powerful within us that wants to just be free, let go and become one with the music. It seems as though this is precisely what this girl.

The girl is actually from Palestine and her name is Rima Baransi. The song being performed is entitled “Comptine d’un Autre Eté: l’Après Midi” by Yann Tiersen and in this beautiful sporadic moment of life, two people of different ages, from different countries and from different backgrounds communicate a part of their soul, not just with each other, but will all of the world in the most beautiful and inspiring way.

With all the pain and suffering going on today, the world certainly needs more spontaneous moments of beauty like this to be captured on camera so that we can all be reminded that, even though life wasn’t the party we had hoped for or expected, we can still make music and dance away the pain.

Please share this, you never know whose heart might need it.

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