Russell Brand Calls The Queen By Her REAL Family Name And The Media Goes Crazy!

EPIC rant!

Russell Brand is at it again, this time going after the richest woman in the world...


Since openly stating what should be common sense, the sheeple and mainstream media have had a major outcry against Brand.

But what did he do wrong? Russell made a good point. Why should anyone be allowed to rule over another human being? Because they have a "special" blood line? Last time I checked that was called racism.

Now, as far as the Nazi comment goes it's understandable that some would get a bit upset, but did you know there are actually pictures of the Queen as a child doing the Nazi salute?

The Sun front page shows a young "Queen" performing a Nazi salute with her family at Balmoral in 1933
 The truth is the "royal" family had ties to the Nazi regime and they continue to cover it up by refusing to release classified documents about their correspondence and relationship.

This is not the only time the family have been the topic of controversy relating to Nazi Germany, how many people remember "prince" Harry thinking it would be cute to wear a Nazi outfit to a party?

The royal family changed their name in the past to hide who they were, which makes you wonder how many times have they and other elite families actually done this type of thing?
You can listen to Russel's epic rant below;

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