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Shocking Study exposes which celebrities are paid MILLIONS to endorse junk food and soda

Researchers are saying that these celebrities are partly responsible for the epidemic of child obesity and disease

In a groundbreaking study from researchers at New York University, published on Pediatrics, some of the biggest names in entertainment have been exposed as huge sell outs that are helping to contribute to the obesity crisis that is currently going on around the world.

Although the factors behind this epidemic are certainly complex, celebrity endorsement deals worth millions and millions of dollars designed specifically to target consumers, especially young children, to buy more junk food and soda are definitely one of them.

The researchers conducted a thorough nutritional analysis of the “food” and beverage products pushed by pop music stars, such as sugary drinks, fast food, and sweets, and discovered that only one celebrity was actually promoting a natural food that could be viewed as healthy, which is pistachios by YouTube star PSY, from South Korea.

Some of the most famous and expensive deals include Beyonce’s contract with Pepsi estimated to be worth $50 million! Justin Timberlake’s “I’m lovin’ it” contract promoting McDonalds worth about $6 million, Pitbull’s endorsement of Dr Pepper at $4.6 million. In fact, the data shows since Pitbull signed on more Latinos are buying Dr Pepper’s unhealthy crappy soda!

Lead researcher Marie Bragg explained that “research has already shown that food advertising leads to overeating, and the food industry spends US$1.8 billion per year marketing to youth alone.”

21 out of 26 of the food products were deemed “nutrient poor” by the researchers, and 71 percent of the beverages were sugar-sweetened. These puppet sell outs are helping to make our children sick with the crap they are pushing and they are making absurd amounts of money in the process too! Am I the only one who think this is sick??

If you haven’t done so yet, you need to sit down with your kids and seriously explain to them how their “heroes” are making money off of selling unhealthy crap to them. Really disturbing how these celebrities choose to profit by selling stuff that everyone knows is dangerous to health. I mean they could just as easily endorse a healthy brand like the South Korean guy PSY and just take a little bit of a cut in pay. Can’t say I care about celebrities, but even I am shocked by some of the names mentioned here… Snoop, Macklemore and Justin Timberlake, definitely thought they were better than that…

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