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They Never Get Sick,They Don’t Know About ‪Cancer‬: Live To 120 years, CHECKOUT THEIR SECRET!

Their way of life is so different to ours that to describe it as unorthodox or “different” would be an understatement.

Hunza people are an ethnically Burusho people indigenous to the Hunza Valley, in the Karakorum Mountains in North Pakistan. They claim to be descendants of the warriors who came to the region with Alexander the Great’s army some time during the 4th century BC and they speak a language exclusive to their own tribes. Their way of life is as unique as their history.

Some of the interesting habits they employ include taking a bath in cold water, eating only raw fruits and vegetables during winter time (they also dry them out so they are edible all year round) and they practice fasting quite regularly, all of which have proven benefits according to studies. They also have a close community and obviously no television or social media. The human interaction among the people is strong and their work ethic is even stronger. But perhaps strongest of all, is their will to enjoy life and laugh often.

Rumor is that they can give birth at 65 years of age with no problem and generally reach the age of 120, something for Westerners that is inconceivable.
You can watch a video from National Geographic to learn more below;

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