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A Man Was Photoshopped To Be ‘Perfect’ In 18 Countries

Source: Super Drug (Republished with permission)

We all know that health, body confidence, and wellbeing matter more than appearance. In order to better understand body image issues around the world, we asked graphic designers – 11 women and eight men – in 19 different countries to Photoshop our guy (a New York photographer who courageously provided his self-portrait) to produce their own version of an attractive man for their country.

Our previous Perceptions of Perfection study (inspired by by journalist Esther Honig’s project Before & After) focused on sometimes-unrealistic standards of female beauty – and judging by how quickly it went viral, it strongly resonated with people.

But, as this new project proves, the quest for a perfect body transcends gender: Fueled in part by the media and popular culture, men around the world may feel even more body image–related pressure than women do – pressure to be stronger or slimmer or more muscular. Our goal with this project is to fuel a revolution: to spark real change about body image, to empower people to prioritize health above appearance, and to promote body confidence around the world.

Source: Super Drug (Republished with permission)
You can see more details about their study or larger images HERE