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CNN Cuts Reporter’s Live Feed After She Tells Truth About Hillary Clinton’s Past

Although this isn’t obviously anything new for the mainstream media, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be outraged.

A reporter for CNN was innocently doing her job it seems, which entails (or at least is supposed to) speaking out about corruption and criminality.

Everything was going fine until she mentioned Hillary Clinton’s past and how her decisions then helped create the problems she now claims to stand against, such as the phony war on drugs that saw massive amounts of tax payer money shift from the middle class to the elites who also setup a stronger police state.

While in the process without any glitches or distortions preceding it, the screen suddenly blacks out black and the CNN anchor quickly interjects with a brief summary with no mention whatsoever of Hillary’s past policies and the topic that was originally in question;

With each passing day of police brutality and media manipulation its beginning to feel more and more like America is a dictatorship disguised as a democracy.

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