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Disabled Teen Beaten Bloody By TSA Agents After Intrusive Search Confused and Frightened Her

A special needs teenage girl was returning home from the conclusion of a series of brain tumor treatments at St. Jude Hospital ready to celebrate with her family about the successful operation, but was instead left battered, bloodied and in jail after encountering TSA agents at a security checkpoint.

The family have made this trop for 17-years, according to the teenage girl’s mother, Shirley Cohen, but this one was a traumatic experience for them that will forever haunt them when they step foot in an airport in the United States again.

When they arrived at the security checkpoint with her mother, Hannah Cohen, although unarmed, set off a metal detector and was thus singled out for further probing by the agency.

Hannah, however, “is deaf, blind in one eye, paralyzed and easily confused”  according to WREG who broke the story, but when Hannah’s mother tried to tell the agency this they held her back, which is a typical practice of a police state… following text book orders while deaf to logic and reason.

“They wanted to do further scanning, she was reluctant, she didn’t understand what they were about to do,” said her mother, Shirley Cohen.

Scared, frightened and confused, the disabled teen attempted to get away from the authorities and that’s when she was violently taken to the ground, causing this young woman, who had just finished brain tumor treatment, to hit her head on the ground.

“She’s trying to get away from them, but in the next instant, one of them had her down on the ground and hit her head on the floor… There was blood everywhere.”

The charges have since obviously been dismissed against the teenager but the organization has refused to comment aside from releasing a statement that said, “Passengers can call ahead of time to learn more about the screening process for their particular needs or medical situation.”

Shirley Cohen can’t believe that her daughter had to needlessly go through such a traumatic experience after having already been through so much in her 19-years.

“She’s 19 but she’ll always be my baby. We’ve been through so much.”

America has clearly spiraled out of control. With the militarization of the local police and other agencies these stories are becoming all too common. It’s no wonder record numbers of people are choosing to leave the country for good.

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