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DNC Election Fraud Whistleblower Found Murdered

A Democratic National Committee (DNC) official who worked on exposing recent election fraud during the Democratic primaries was found murdered this week. 

Seth Conrad Rich was the Voter Expansion Data Director at the DNC and was working on exposing a list of recent cases of election fraud that had taken place around the country.

Heatst.com, who has been following this story closely reports:

As with the tragic murder of Molly Macauley in an affluent neighbor of nearby Baltimore in recent days, social media is abounding with political conspiracy theories and racially charged comments about Rich’s murder — even though very little is known about his killing and nothing about his killers.

Possible Whistle Blower on Democratic Party Voter #Fraud assassinated in Washington DC,not in MsM https://t.co/Cbem0AJvw5 #DNC

— Egypt Built (@HosamDakhakhni) July 12, 2016

Conspiracy Theories Abound Afte DNC Staffer Shot Dead in DC… https://t.co/t35xEsbs2b


@zachhaller @nowaygabby This some straight up House of Cards shit.

— Fighters For Change (@VoteTheBern2k16) July 12, 2016

My sister was friends with Seth Rich, shot/killed near his home in NW, DC. I feel the need to share his last FB post pic.twitter.com/q8KFozlktL

— Van Applegate (@VBagate) July 11, 2016


#AllLivesDidntMatter when Seth Rich was shot and killed in NW DC pic.twitter.com/Be9kqkTZ33

— Ricky Vaughn (@Ricky_Vaughn99) July 11, 2016

These “conspiracy theories” are quite understandable when one both considers how unpopular Hillary is when measured against Bernie Sanders, and has knowledge about the huge body count and mysterious deaths of people who work on, or are associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton related issues.

Police have not yet been able to identify a suspect and claim there is absolutely no indication that politics were involved in the murder.

Rich lived in the neighborhood, an official went on record as telling a news conference Monday.

On Rich’s LinkedIn page he shares the ideal that so many of us do;

“I have an enormous interest in public service and working towards making the world a better place.”

Unfortunately, like many who have come before him, this may have cost him his life, but it can never take his memory. You will be remembered. R.I.P.

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