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Dog Is Dumped By Family At Shelter For The Dumbest Reason


Among all the sadness and noise of dogs barking at Downey Animal Care Center the loudest enclosure cell is the one that is completely silent.

Which, as you can see in the photo below speaks for itself. The little guy was abandoned and is clearly heart broken and his world has been turned upside down over night.

Oso, is an 8-year-old chow mix, and was dumped there just before the 4th of July. Although the family didn’t give an exact reason, a volunteer there named Sal ValdepeƱa, has seen this time and time again;

“Owners didn’t want to be bothered by his skin condition… They betrayed him because of his skin.”

Oso is plagued by alopecia and pyoderma, which are actually skin conditions that are treatable. And, the Downey shelter even has a booth set up at the entrance, with personnel from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals who offer financial help to people who can’t afford their pet’s medical bills. In other words, there is no excuse to just dump this dog like this.

But Oso, needs more than his skin condition to be healed, he needs his heart to be healed.

“He’s defeated and confused… Staring at the wall trembling.”

Can you imagine how Oso must feel? Imagine you are in a home surrounded by your family who you think loves you and then they abandon you overnight and send you to a jail where you are imprisoned with no explanation whatsoever.

Oso hasn’t been added to the shelter’s kill list yet, as ValdepeƱa who has taken a particular liking to him  has been trying to buy the dog as much time as possible.
But that time is running out. If you think you can get him out of there, please reach out to Downey Animal Care Center in Los Angeles directly at 562- 940-6898. If not please share this with anyone who lives in that area before it’s too late.

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Source: The Dodo