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Edward Snowden shows you how to make your phone “go black” [video]


Unless you live under a rock or at least don’t have access to the internet, you know who Edward Snowden is. Certainly the most famous whistle blower of all time for telling the population around the world about how much governments around the world are spying on the population.

In this video, which came from Vice’s HBO show, he sat down with founder Shane Smith to demonstrate and explain how people can effectively remove their cellphone’s camera and microphone, making the phone “go black”, which Snowden claims protects one’s data from people and governments who may be trying to access it for whatever reason.

In a world where the internet has grown dramatically and continues to do so with each passing year, this may become mandatory in the future.

The process does take some minor electrical knowledge and certain special tools, but the video certainly helps to make it easier.

You can watch below;

If you the above video is blocked in your country check the video below;

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