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Epic Joe Rogan Rant About Fake People & Hollywood Actors

Love him or hate him, Joe Rogan is as real as it gets and is never afraid to speak his mind which is generally pretty insightful.

In this episode of his podcast, Joe and his guest get into the topic of how difficult it can be to communicate with some people because they hide who they really are and act pretentious, which means they try to pretend to be superior in such a way that it is fake and inauthentic.

I think we can all relate to this on one level or another. Some of us have been in that position where we feel the need to overtly broadcast an image that is dramatized and distorted and we have all definitely ran into people who act this way. But where does it come from?

According to Joe, a lot of it is rooted in Hollywood which itself is a world of fiction and drama dominated by actors who get paid ridiculous amounts of money to professionally pretend. This obviously creates fantasies in people’s minds where they want to also pretend and project an image that they think is cool.

Unfortunately this is also the result of people gaining a sense of identity directly from television. Some people get it from religion, some from their families and some from their culture, but most people these days are getting it from TV and this is creating an environment of a bunch of fake people.