Highly Intelligent People Are A Bunch Of Messy, Cursing Night Owls

Recent studies have shown that people who swear a lot, stay up late and have messy desks are actually more intelligent than most.

For the first time in the history of forever, our parents were wrong.

I'm sure we can all relate to being asked, or rather demanded, to clean up our rooms. How about getting yelled at for cursing under our breath or forced into bed at 9 p.m.??

We were conditioned from youth by our parents (who probably were conditioned by their parents) to believe these things were bad, so we had to change our little badass ways.

Well, it just so happens that a few recent studies determined that all those boring lectures were kind of bullshit.

Recent studies have demonstrated that people who curse and swear a lot, stay up late at night and have messy desks or rooms are actually more intelligent that their counter parts (you know who you are, you do gooders who always kept your room clean, kept your vocabulary even  cleaner and actually went to be when it got dark).

So if you were constantly dropping the fantastic f-bomb in front of your  mom and dad, it’s not so much because you’re that cool rebel you thought you were, but cause your actually pretty damn smart!

A study last year found that people who swear actually have a more extensive vocabulary than people who don’t, and they even tend to be more confident and honest... fuck yeah!

Where once messy rooms and untidy desks were frowned upon by civilization, now can be looked upon as an indication of genius! Oh how far we have come human race!

A few years ago, researchers also discovered that people who worked at a messy desk actually generate more precise and creative ideas, as well as a willingness to both think outside of the box and break free from unconventional norms.

So next time advises you to clean up, politely tell them that them the week-old bag of organic gluten free chips with mold growing on it situated at your desk is there to inspire your creative brain!

And last but certainly not least, scientific studies prove that night owls demonstrate the skillset that generally leads to prestigious job titles and higher incomes than others.

So if your mother is STILL trying to give you bull shit for just being the badass, foul-mouthed, messy, untidy, late-night genius you are, then it might be time to send her back to science class or even be her personal tutor on how being a little bad can actually be kind of good. 

If you've got a clean heart, it doesn't matter how dirty your words, desk or room are. You have every right to feel confident and happy for being just who you are.

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Source: Your Tango