Jim Carrey DESTROYS The Whole GMO Industry With THIS Joke!

Listen to Jim Carey joke about the whole GMO industry.

The GMO industry is one of the most corrupt and dodgy of all.

Proponents claim it's needed to feed the world but this has already been debunked (for the obvious fact that there are still thousands of people dying from hunger and related causes) and a large body of experts have actually gone on record, as outlined in an United Nations report, that organic small scale farming is the only way to feed the world.

Aside from that, the biotech industry goes to great lengths to ensure that their produce is not labeled. Why is that? If they are so proud of their food, they should just label them. But we know it's because they are more concerned with making profit than improving health. This is why the major GM giants have a history of being unethical with Monsanto, an organization who literally helped commit crimes against humanity in Vietnam, leading the way.

In this video Jim Carrey, who has become more vocal with age regarding important issues, uses his brilliant humor to make fun of Monsanto;

When a company that has a history of chemical warfare begins trying to control our food, this should seriously raise concerns for us all. There's a reason they were voted the world's most evilcompany in 2013.

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