PEPSI putting Aspartame back into diet drinks 1yr after removing controversial sweetener

Yes, you read that correctly. Pepsi is putting the controversial ingredient aspartame back in their allegedly “safe sodas” again. Just one year after they removed the artificial sweetener as part of a marketing move purported to be based on health concerns.
According to Russia Today;
Pepsi removed the sweetener “in response to consumer demand” in April 2015, to appeal to customers who were concerned aspartame carries health risks. However, some older consumers were reportedly unhappy with the change to the beverage’s flavor without the sweetener.

For those who don't know, aspartame, which is about 200 times sweeter than regular sugar, is one of the most prevalent artificial sweeteners used in our world today. It has been widely criticized for it’s proven harmful side effects, which include adverse reactions neurologically.

You can watch the documentary below to learn more about how Donald Rumsfield (one of the main brains behind the Bush administration) scam and how he made sure it would be legalized through his connections even though it’s not safe;

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