Shaolin monk absorbs punches like a superhuman sponge and it looks like he's enjoying it

The shaolin are legendary for their self discipline, unorthodox training and well known for their ability to put their bodies through intense pain.

Part of their training is smacking metal against their heads, over and over, until it bends or breaks which is not merely about making their heads harder, but their minds and will stronger.

 They also balance on sharpened spear tips and hit straight through bricks.

 It is no wonder then that a shaolin-trained boxer is able to take such a tough beating like this and take it. In fact it seems as though he welcomes it and enjoys it.

The fighter's name in the video is Yi Long, and critics have argued that he is not actually a Shaolin monk, but, rather, a "sanda guy who spent some time training at the Shaolin temple", either way he certainly proves to us that their training really is remarkable and teaches a resilience that surely manifests in all other parts of his life as well.

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