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Study: Vegetables Grown On Mars “Are Healthier Than Their Earth-Grown Counterparts”

Plants grown in martian soil by Researchers from Wageningen University in March of this year analyzed the results of plants grow in martian soil and what they found was remarkable! More than four of the crops did not contain any harmful heavy metal levels and were perfectly safe to eat!

In the movie the Martian, the character played by Matt Damon lived off of his crap powered potatoes.

Now, researchers from Netherlands’ Wageningen University reported that they’ve successfully grown ten different crops in martian-like soil.

Of course growing food in alien soil is of no use if it will lead to our death. This was one of the primary motivations behind their study, as they were worried that these crops would contain dangerous heavy metals like lead or cadmium. But future inhabitants of Mars need not fear, a lab analysis determined that not only were at least 4 of them safe to eat, but they were even healthier than their earth counter parts.

The experiment was headed by ecologist Wieger Wamelink. The crops chosen by the researchers included radishes, tomatoes, rye, and peas. They tested for cadmium, lead,  arsenic, manganese, nickel, aluminum, iron, copper, chrome, and zinc contents in the plants, and did not find any dangerous levels. The plants were also tested for vitamins, alkaloids, and flavonoids, with positive promising results.

Although NASA and Mars One are in a race to be the first group on Mars to begin colonizing it, both groups support the research. Co- founder of Mars One Bas Lansdorp was quote in a statement as stating;

“Growing food locally is especially important to our mission of permanent settlement, as we have to ensure sustainable food production on Mars. The results of Dr. Wamelink and his team at Wageningen University & Research are significant progress towards that goal,” 

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