Was The Dallas Shooting a False Flag Event To Spark Civil War?


The United States right now is in turmoil. And while much of this is the result of internal happenings (terrorist attacks, police brutality, etc) much of this is because the mainstream media are fueling division and a fire that is making people succumb to hysteria.

Take for example the recent sniper shootings, in the primary press release the cops said the shooter "wanted to kill white people" which was then parroted by the mainstream media. There is no doubt whatsoever that due to the sensitivity of this event, whatever the police official said to reporters would come from the highest levels of government since the whole world is watching. To imagine they didn't get their talking points from Washington directly, is very naive.

So why would they allow him to say something like that? In the past the government and media have changed stories and engaged in censorship so why would they allow this? Doesn't that just create more division and madness??

The answer is yes, of course it does which is precisely what the elites want. Remember back in 2013 when the government got caught contracting a company which created a campaign called "no more hesitation" of actual human targets of civilians. These targets included a little boy and a pregnant woman;

It is no secret the police in America are being militarized and literally equipped with war time weaponry, vehicle and aircraft, and when you see targets like this that show they are being trained to view civilians as the enemy, the result is fairly obvious. Cops are gonna kill civilians.

Military training for martial law

Right now the government has a system in place that is well prepared for civilian unrest. Through Operation Jade Helm, the military have also been training for major civilian unrest and martial law. Is the plan to get the police and civilians fighting in a civilian war and then declare martial law and bring the military in?

This is a classic divide and conquer tactic

In February 2014 paramilitary snipers opened fire on protestors and police in Ukraine, which justified the expulsion of a politician that was allied with Russia, and made way for a pro American government.

In March 2011 a protest in Daraa led to carnage as well trained snipers killed seven policemen and four protesters, which helped to escalate the ongoing war in Syria.

And now, in July 2016 unidentified snipers with professional skills opened fire at a peaceful protest in Dallas, which is followed by race baiting in the media, potentially sparking America’s next civil war. Do you see a pattern??

Whatever is going on here, I think we can all agree it feels as if their is manipulation going on and race baiting. Don't fall into the trap, unity is the only way out of this mess.

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