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Why The Recent Child Rape Accusation Against Donald Trump Might Be True


A woman, called “Jane Doe” in the court filings, filed a federal lawsuit against Donald Trump last month and alleged that Trump forced her to have sex with him on numerous occasions when she was just 13 years old. She claimed that on the fourth encounter, he tied her to a bed and raped her.

Though there are many that say this never could have happened, including Trump himself, it’s important to look at the facts. This includes reading the federal complaint and looking for context clues that Trump could be capable of such a crime.

The complaint names both Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, a man that many call a “Billionaire Pedophile,” who served 13 months in prison for soliciting prostitutes that were underage. Over one dozen lawsuits have been filed against Epstein in the last two decades that say relatively the same thing: that Epstein solicited them as prostitutes when they were adolescents, had them recruit other underage girls to come to his mansion and give him “massages” that led to intercourse, and lent these girls to other high-profile men. All of these suits have been either dismissed or settled out of court.
Jane Doe’s filing describes disturbing sexual encounters with both Epstein and Trump that took place at Epstein’s mansion, which was one of the places where Epstein held parties and orgies with underage girls.

She says that on her fourth and final encounter with Trump, he tied her to a bed and forcibly raped her. When she pleaded for him to stop his “savage sexual attack,” he responded by striking her in the face with his open hand and saying that he “would do whatever he wanted.”

Afterwards, Trump told Jane Doe that if he ever told anyone what happened, he would have her and her family killed, similar to what allegedly occurred in the case of Maria Doe, a 12-year-old that went missing after being involved in the third sexual encounter Jane Doe and Trump engaged in.
In addition to Jane Doe’s allegations, a witness, Tiffany Doe, signed documents that swore the facts of the accusation Jane made were true. Tiffany Doe is identified as Epstein’s party planner, where she was a witness to every encounter Jane and Trump had, and many others with various girls. She says that she was afraid to come forward because she was also threatened. She says in the sworn declaration:

“I am coming forward to swear to the truthfulness of the physical and sexual abuse that I personally witnessed of minor females at the hands of Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein . . . I swear to these facts under the penalty for perjury even though I fully understand that the life of myself and my family is now in grave danger.”

The accusations seem plausible, especially with Tiffany Doe’s testimony that these are acts she indeed witnessed. However, there are also a number of other reasons why this new case could be true.
This isn’t the first time that Trump has been accused of rape and sexual crimes. Amongst Trump’s former accusers were his first wife, Ivanka, who said he physically abused her and then forcefully raped her, and a business acquaintance who said that Trump attempted to rape her multiple times.
In the latter case, the woman said that Trump forced her into a bedroom, and “forcibly kissed, fondled, and restrained (her) from leaving.” Though the suit was dropped after her husband’s suit against Trump was settled, The Guardian asked the woman if she still held to her allegations of attempted rape against Trump and she said “yes.”

Trump has also admitted to being good friends with Epstein, despite his criminal background. New York Magazine reported that Trump said this of Epstein:

“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it—Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Trump’s name—and 14 phone numbers for Trump’s car, security guard, and emergency numbers—were listed in Epstein’s “little black book.” Trump also allegedly flew on Epstein’s plane, a hotspot for orgies with underage girls, dubbed as “Sex Slave Island.”

Despite circumstantial evidence, the declaration of a witness, and the statements from the victim, Trump in general is what one might call a perfect candidate for becoming a perpetrator of sexual violence. Men who repeatedly objectify women are more likely to commit sex crimes and Trump has certainly shown that he not only objectifies women but is often proud of his misogynistic remarks. He has even said,

“Women, you have to treat ’em like shit.”

Though the court proceedings won’t occur for several months, if ever, depending on a possible settlement or dismissal, this case against Donald Trump cannot be ignored. The media has, thus far, dismissed the case as being falsified simply because Trump said it wasn’t true. Whether or not Trump is a famous figure should not matter when prosecuting him and he should be treated as any other defendant would be, especially because he is attempting to become the next president of the United States.

By Brianna Acuesta via True Activist (Republished with permission)

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