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1500-Year-Old Bible Claims Jesus Was NOT Crucified.

In one of the more shocking religious discoveries in recent history, a secret Bible in which Jesus predicts the coming of the Prophet Muhammad, sparked intense interest from the Pope and the Vatican.

The book has been dated as being about 1,500 years old, and is believed to be the Gospel of Barnabas, and has been kept hidden and secret by Turkish authorities for the last 12 years now.

Saint Joseph Barnabas was an Early Christian later named an apostle which can be read about in the Acts of the Apostles.

The manuscript is today worth £14million and is handwritten on animal hide and in gold lettered tome. it is written in Jesus’ native Aramaic language and also includes some of his early teachings.

The ancient text was discovered by Turkish police during a secret operation in 2000.

It was closely guarded until recently, in 2010, and then handed over to the Ankara Ethnography Museum. It is scheduled for public display after some minor restorations. Or could it be they want to conceal certain things?

Just a photocopy of a single page is alleged to be worth £1.5million. This really makes you wonder what is written on there?

Unlike more orthodox bibles, this one rejects the idea of the Holy Trinity and alleges that Jesus was never killed on the cross. Obviously, you can see why this has inspired the Vatican’s attention.
Many opposing ideologies believe it to be a fake though, particularly those who subscribe to orthodox tradition.

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Source: Daily Mail