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7 million Americans flat out refuse to pay back student loans


According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, 7 million Americans are flat-out refusing to pay back their student loans because they feel like they’ve been scammed by their universities and government.

They feel like they were sold on going to school, under the guise that it would ensure them a secure job and a future. But now they have neither. Just a “worthless degree” and no hope for a better future, except to find another way.

One individual, Mr. Osborne, a 45 years old who went to University to become a health-care worker but has had no success said the following; 

“Do you think I’m going to give them one penny I’m making to pay back the loan for a job I’m never going to hold?”

The government and their henchmen has tried a number of different tactics to make these people pay, but have had no such luck. Going so far as to spend additional money on employing behavioral scientists to find out how they can get them to pay.

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